Happy New Year from Heritage Medical Associates!

Posted on January 5, 2017

Make Health a Priority this Year

Happy New Year from Heritage Medical Associates!  We hope you make your health a priority this year.  As referenced in this article from the Tennessean, there are many ways to improve your health beyond the typical diet and exercise resolutions.  Our favorites in this article can make quick and lasting changes on your health: reducing stress (which affects every part of your wellbeing), quitting smoking and getting more sleep.   As the article says, though, don’t be too hard on yourself – small setbacks are better than giving up!   Equally as important is scheduling a preventive care visit with your Primary Care Physician at Heritage Medical Associates to make sure you are healthy and well.  If you are not established with a PCP yet, you can call our Patient Liaisons at 615-953-4064 or request an appointment here.  Make sure to read the rest of the resolutions in the article and make an appointment with Heritage Medical Associates today!