Your next appointment should be in six weeks, unless otherwise specified at the time of discharge.  Postpartum, please comply with the following guidelines to aid in recovery:

Postpartum Medications

  • Percocet (or another Tylenol/codeine derivative), 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours as needed for pain
  • Ibuprofen 600 mg every 6 hours as needed for pain
  • For constipation: Colace, Milk of Magnesia
  • Continue your prenatal vitamins if you are breast feeding
  • For hemorrhoids, use Tucks pads, Preparation H, Epifoam as needed
  • For cracked/sore nipples you may use Lanolin cream
  • Use a stool softener (such as Colace) for 2-3 weeks after your delivery

For 6 Weeks, Do NOT:

  • Use Douching, tampons, or sexual intercourse
  • Do vigorous exercise
  • Lift objects greater than 20 lbs. if you have had a C-section
  • Use anything in the rectum (suppositories etc.) if you have had a 4th degree tear
  • Drive for 1-2 weeks if you are taking Percocet

If you have had a C-section:

  • Do not drive for 1-2 weeks or while taking Percocet
  • Keep your incision clean and dry:
    • Let the water/soap run down on the incision in the shower
    • Do not apply soap on a towel and directly scrub your incision
  • Do not apply any creams/lotions/Neosporin to your incision
  • Your steri-strips may fall off on their own, otherwise you may remove them at 2 weeks

Call our office if you have:

  • Reddened, hard and exquisitely tender areas to the breast accompanied by a fever greater than 100.4
  • Excessive vaginal bleeding greater than 1 soaked pad per hour. (You will have vaginal bleeding for 4-6 weeks after delivery. This may slightly increase 2-3 weeks after delivery, but will then taper off.)
  • An exquisitely tender abdomen accompanied by a fever greater than 100.4
  • Any signs or symptoms of post partum depression

For C section patients:

  • Any opening of your incision
  • Any drainage from your incision that is excessive, or any pus coming from the incision