Your Health, Your Way

At Heritage Medical Associates, we are committed to providing you with the best care, both in-person and virtually. Our FollowMyHealth Patient Portal offers a convenient and secure way to manage your health online, anytime and anywhere. 

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Benefits of Using the FollowMyHealth Patient Portal

  • View your medical records, test and lab results, and medication history
  • Request prescription refills
  • Pay your bill online
  • Request an appointment
  • Send and receive secure messages, including E-Visits, with your healthcare team

FollowMyHealth Patient Portal Messages

The FollowMyHealth Patient Portal allows you to send and receive secure messages with your healthcare team. These messages should be used for non-urgent issues, and you can expect an answer within 2 business days. In some instances, your physician may respond to your message and ask that you schedule an appointment for an in-person or Telehealth Visit or they may bill your insurance for their response, which is known as an E-Visit. 

What Is An E-Visit?

If your FollowMyHealth message doesn't require an in-person or Telehealth Visit but does require medical advice and care from your physician, the response may be billed to your insurance as an E-Visit, also known as an Online Digital Evaluation and Management (E/M) Service. While an E-Visit is covered by most insurances, it may be subject to copay or deductible, so you may be responsible for some or all of the cost. Examples of messages that might be billed as E-Visits are:

  • Addressing a new medical issue or a change to an existing condition
  • Managing changes to your medications
  • Checking in on chronic conditions