Symptom Management Guide – Fever, Pediatric
  • Proceed to the ER if your child:
    1. Is confused, lethargic or less responsive than normal
    2. Has severe headache associated with vomiting or stiff neck
    3. Has seizure activity
    4. Is having difficulty breathing
  • Contact your child’s PCP if:
    1. You are unable to bring fever below 103 with tylenol or ibuprofen
    2. Your newborn (under 2 months of age) has a fever over 100.4
    3. Your child’s fever is lasting longer than 5 days
    4. Your infant/toddler  has fewer than 4 wet diapers/day
  • For mild symptoms, you should:
    1. Treat your child with acetaminophen (and/or  ibuprofen in children >6 months of age)
    2. Encourage your child to increase fluid intake
 Condition Management Guide – Asthma, Pediatric
  • Proceed to the ER if your child:
    • Is confused, drowsier or less alert than normal
    • Is unable to continue normal activity (eating, playing) due to worsening difficulty breathing
    • Has wheezing and breathing difficulty that continues/worsens despite use of rescue medications
  • Contact your child’s PCP if he/she:
    • Has a persistent daily nighttime cough
    • Needs to use his/her rescue medication more than 2 days per week or more frequently than normal
    • Has shortness of breath, wheezing or cough with exercise
  • For mild symptoms, your child should:
    • Take controller and rescue medications as prescribed
    • Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and other irritants
    • Treat other triggers that may be contributing, such as allergies or URI symptoms