Lifestyle can have a significant impact on pregnancy. Living a healthy lifestyle is important, and living one while pregnant is even more important. Listed below are lifestyle changes to consider in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

  • Travel is not restricted until 36 weeks, unless specifically outlined by your physician
  • During air travel, security screening can be used as normal
  • Wearing compression hose, staying hydrated, consistent snacking, and taking frequent breaks from sitting as applicable are recommended
  • Regular physical activity is safe and encouraged during pregnancy unless specifically restricted by your physician
  • Exercise can help reduce pain, control weight gain, and improve sleep and mental health
  • In general, most exercise is safe during pregnancy. Some activity options include: walking, yoga, (stationary) biking, and swimming. 
  • Please do not participate in contact sports, skiing (water or downhill), scuba diving, or extreme sports.
Self Care

Self care activities such as hair or nail services and massages are permitted unless specifically outlined by your physician.

Medical or Dental Procedures

Please consult your physician if you will be undergoing anesthesia or major procedures. Local anesthesia is fine to use for dental work, and regular dental check-ups and treatment is encouraged.

Manual Labor
  • Lifting up to 50 pounds is permitted unless specifically restricted by your physician
  • Be sure to hydrate and take frequent breaks as needed
Sexual Activity

Sexual activity is not restricted during pregnancy unless specified otherwise by your physician. In some cases, intercourse during pregnancy can cause bleeding or spotting. Please call the office if the bleeding is severely painful or sustained post intercourse. 

Insect Repellent
  • DEET is safe to use during pregnancy. Follow instructions as directed on bottle
  • Use of maximum dose products such as Deep Woods is not recommended
  • Reference the CDC for a reference list of other repellent options if needed

Please wear a seatbelt as you normally would prior to pregnancy and ensure that the lap belt is sitting across your hips. Use of a modified or pregnancy seatbelt is not recommended as these options are not safer than a standard seatbelt.