Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

Otolaryngologists are physicians trained in the medical and surgical treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat (ENT), and related structures of the head and neck. They are commonly referred to as ENT physicians.

Our physicians take pride in providing first-class, compassionate care in an integrated, multi-disciplinary setting. This approach to patient care allows for the best possible outcomes while keeping the cost of that care to a minimum. They also maintain advanced training in such leading technologies as image guidance for sinus surgery, in-office treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and advanced hearing restoration technology.

Comprehensive Hearing Care at Heritage Medical Associates

Hearing loss is a pervasive problem affecting an estimated 48 million Americans. It is largely focused in the 55+ population, but it can affect patients of all ages from a lifetime of exposure to loud noises, from music to industry. Untreated hearing loss has profoundly negative effects including:

  • Clinical Depression
  • Acceleration of Dementia and Alzheimer's Symptoms
  • Anger Management Problems
  • Social Withdrawal and Isolation
  • Increase in Fears and Phobias

We routinely screen hearing function as part of our normal workup for patients at no charge. For patients who need it, we provide comprehensive hearing exams at our 222 Medical Office Building, Westgate, Green Hills, Mt. Juliet, Saint Thomas West and Grassland locations.

If you suspect that you or a family member are having problems with your hearing, please contact your primary care physician so that we may schedule a complete exam.

Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Services