Preventive Care Visit for Non-Medicare Patients

Most insurance coverage qualifies you for a yearly preventive care visit (commonly referred to as an annual physical).

This will typically include:

  • Routine physical exam
  • Routine immunizations
  • Screening laboratory tests as needed

If you have specific issues or new health information to discuss with your physician, they will not be addressed at this visit.  You will need to make a separate appointment to address these concerns.


Annual Wellness Visit for Medicare Patients

As a Medicare patient enrolled for at least one year, you are eligible for one Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) per year.  This is similar to but not the same as a preventive care visit / annual physical, which is not covered under Medicare.  The AWV aims to help you set up a long-range care plan with your physician.

The AWV can include:

  • Basic vital signs
  • Biannual breast/pelvic/pap smear for women
  • Annual prostate exam for men
  • Review of medical history
  • Screening for common problems (hearing loss, dementia, functional status, etc.)
  • Recommendation for age-appropriate screenings
  • Information about wellness and prevention


Any new or chronic health problems are typically managed at a separate visit from the AWV.  The same applies for Medicare Advantage annual exams (360, PAF, etc.). If you and your physician decide to address specific health conditions during the AWV, there may be an additional charge, particularly if diagnostic lab work is performed.