Dr. Fentriss and Dr. Anderson featured in Nashville Business Journal

Dr. Fentriss and Dr. Anderson featured in Nashville Business Journal

Posted on July 9, 2013

Dr. Lee Fentriss and Dr. Edwin Anderson, two of Heritage Medical Associates’ four MDVIP-affiliated physicians, were recently featured in Nashville Business Journal's “The doctor is at your service.” Click here to see the full article, or click "read more" below to see some highlights.

Concierge medicine is a growing trend in the United States. Instead of using the traditional fee-per-service format, this model allows patients to pay doctors an annual or monthly fee. In return, they receive a comprehensive approach to medicine based on prevention and long-term wellness, which includes:

  • Increased face time with physician
  • Annual health screening
  • Ongoing physician counseling focused on overall wellness

By reducing their patient loads, doctors are able to dedicate more time and energy to each individual patient.

In 2008, Dr. Edwin Anderson and Dr. John Thompson Jr. affiliated with MDVIP, the nation’s largest medicine management company, making them some of the first concierge physicians in Tennessee. With a reduced patient load, Dr. Anderson now has the freedom in his schedule to make house calls, visit hospitalized patients every day, and coordinate closely with hospitalists to ensure high quality of care for his patients.

For Dr. Fentriss, who affiliated with MDVIP in 2011, this smaller patient load has allowed her to dedicate more attention to each patient. Her patients have her cell phone number, can join her on weekend hikes, and are often able to drop in her office without an appointment.

Currently, 4,400 physicians nationwide participate in some form of concierge medicine, and this statistic is growing by roughly 25% annually. Not only is concierge medicine becoming increasingly popular, but it may also reduce overall healthcare costs:

  • One study found a 75% decrease in hospitalizations for MDVIP patients compared to patients at non-MDVIP practices.